75 Stories of Alopecia to Expand Your Mind

Head-On: Stories of Alopecia

My very good friend Deeann Graham has just published an incredible book: Head-On, Stories of Alopecia.

Deeann talked to over 500 people in order to compile the 75 inspiring stories in this book. This book took years to put together, and effort that went into it is tremendous. She tracked down people with stories to tell from all over the world, sometimes meeting up with them, sometimes taking multiple tries before getting the story.

I’m so thrilled that it’s finally available! I truly truly believe that stories transform us. I mean, the reason why I created this channel was to tell stories, because hearing about other people’s alopecia journey was what got me to finally be ok with having alopecia. Be more than ok. Plus, stories are fun!

In this video Deeann told us some of the interesting stories in the book, why she wrote the book, and how it could be helpful to people with alopecia as well as the friends and family of alopecians.

Deeann and I will both be going to this year’s NAAF conference on June 25th. You can get the book at the event, and you can also get it online at Deeann’s website.

This is my first NAAF conference, so I’m pretty excited! I’m also excited about going to Disneyland after, haha. If you love the magical place too, you should definitely go to this year’s NAAF, and we can all go to Disneyland afterwards!