Do you have alopecia? You’re not alone!

Hi! My name is Tanya. Welcome to the Alopecia Channel.

This channel is created to be a visual alopecia resource. Being able to see someone doing fine while having alopecia was what helped me start loving myself again. So I really want do replicate it for everyone having alopecia.

Losing some or all of your hair is shocking, I know! But you’ll be fine. If you feel stuck, depressed, or fed up with your alopecia, I’m here to help!

I had a full head of shiny healthy hair when I was 10. Then in 3 weeks, I lost all of it. Alopecia hit me hard in so many ways. I was sad for a long time.

In 2010, I had become an expert at wearing convincing and comfortable wigs. I still kept my alopecia a secret, but I was hardly reminded of it and feeling pretty confident again. So I started a support group in Vancouver to help others feel better about themselves too.

I was very lucky to have the most amazing people join the group. We bonded like life-long friends would. We shared so many alopecia moments – the funny ones and the crying ones.

It’s ironic that I started the group to help others, but I got the most out of it. After telling so many members they looked good without hair (and they did!) and hearing inspiring stories, I finally could see myself talk about alopecia openly.

I posted a video on Facebook on my birthday (2013), explaining what alopecia was and showing all my friends what I looked like without a wig. Who knew, that hiding my alopecia was a huge burden! After this burden was lifted, I was free to do things I subconsciously avoided.

I learned to scuba dive, and saw the most incredible sea life. I stayed at hostels (instead of hotels) while backpacking in Thailand and met so many people. I went on first dates without a wig and it didn’t phase anyone.

Life’s been incredible since I stopped hiding, and I sincerely hope everyone with alopecia will never feel the need to hide.

I hope this site helps you in some way 🙂