The Alopecia Channel is Here!

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Welcome! We are glad you found us!

The goal of the Alopecia Channel is to improve the lives of everyone with alopecia and the society’s understanding of alopecia.

Through videos, blogs, and podcasts, we can get the conversation started!

You’ll have your questions answered: How to tell someone about your alopecia, how to date, how to put on a wig expertly, how to rock your bald expertly. We’ll also explore healthy remedies, discuss current research, and talk about becoming happier and more confident.

You’ll learn about what it’s like for different people to experience alopecia: shy or outgoing, guy or girl; kid, teen, or adult; single, dating, or married; wears wigs or goes au-natural; hides it or talks about it, hates it, accepts it, or loves it. Through these different perspectives, you might see your alopecia in a new way.

Conversations are powerful. Each time we talk about alopecia, the society will understand it better too. Imagine if alopecia becomes something the society is familiar with, accepts, and embraces – how cool is that environment for everyone who has alopecia and everyone who will have alopecia to live in?

If this sounds good to you, subscribe to our blog or youtube channel. If you want to get involved, or have a related project you want us to talk about, give us a shout! And if you have any questions, feedback, suggestions, you know, you can always talk to us.